A New Love: Ceramics Edition

As most of you know, I love art. Crafts, Painting, Ceramics, basically I love it all. Well in the midst of projects and sorority events this semester, I have found a new love.


Pottery, pueblo art, mugs, pots, abstract clay pieces. Literally anything that you can make with clay I have fallen in love with. I took a few pottery classes in high school and had the chance to take ceramics again this semester. A few of my pots are pictured below. More to come!

In my class we had three hand building projects as well as some time to learn the wheel. Lucky for me, since I knew a great deal of the intro stuff already I was ready to go. I found myself going into the studio everyday just wanting to be surrounded by the walls of pots. I loved looking at past students projects, pieces in the development stage and just being able to get my own frustrations out on the wheel.

To say ceramics is an obsession is now an understatement. I have legitimately looked into ceramics studios in Pittsburgh for the summer. I now only search ceramic artists on my pinterest. I even have dreams about ceramics (pretty embarrassing but true). My goal within the next year is to open my own etsy shop selling beautiful ceramics creations.

Have you ever gotten so hooked onto something that your obsession never fades?

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