A Hiatus of Sorts

Hello my lovely readers, friends and followers. As you probably see, this is the first post on my blog since, lets think, oh January. I have constantly passed by the link on my twitter page, knowing I should probably update, but with the craziness of the semester my blog got pushed to the back burner of my life.   After I got back to school, my semester proved to be absolutely crazy to say the least. To apologize/prove my point/vent, here are the reasons why:

1. Sorority life

So as many of you may know, I ended up joining a sorority which was hands down one of the best decisions I ever made. The support system and friendship I get from these girls is unlike any other and I am truly blessed to have them here for me. Downside? My level of business has raised tenfold.

2. Semester

My classes this semester are to say the least, awful. I have a lot of pre-requisite classes I am getting out of the way and a lot of my "not so fun" classes to take, and my gpa has taken quite a downfall

3. Campus Life

I am involved in a ton on campus this semester, slightly overwhelmed, and definitely have not have time to even craft, let alone blog.

I am seriously blessed in so many aspects of my life (just got back from one of the best mission trips of my life that I will be blogging about shortly) but I have definitely been feeling overwhelmed. However, ultimately God has a reason for everything and will get me through.

So as summer approaches, expect blogging so slowly but surely start back up. I am staying home this summer and working as a nanny, so more DIY projects and posts about thoughts and life will slowly but surely reappear.

Love you all.