Weekly Wishes #1: The New Year

The reality that 2013 is coming to a close astounds me. I am actually in denial that this year is over. Through the good and the bad, I can honestly say I have grown abundantly this year in more ways than I could have ever expected. I found rekindled loves of so many things (Ceramics, Communications, knitting and design just to name a few). My friends shifted and changed, and hey I got the most incredible boyfriend in the process. I went to Nepal and came back completely changed. I felt so busy this semester that I broke down crying and turned to God once again for support. 2013 has been a semester of ups and down. Yet through it all, I am so confident God was at the center of it all.

Now to focus on 2014. Let the fun begin!

Weekly Yearly Wishes 2014:
1. Enjoy the simple things
I am feeling this is turning into my motto for the year. Stay tuned into how that turns out.

2. Exercise more
Yeah yeah yeah I know that this is on everyone in the nation's New Years resolution's list. Here is the thing, I worked out pretty consistently for a while and then just let life get in the way. I just love the way it makes me feel. I feel energized, powerful, confident and just strong. I want to go into 2014 not exercising to lose weight or alter my body, but to feel strong.

3. Blog regularly
I am so excited I have caught the blogging bug once again! I want to create a regular schedule. Put my DSLR to work.

4. Open an Etsy shop
I have wanted to open an Etsy shop for the longest time. My Mom and I are both crafty and I would be so content creating products and working on that. Here is the thing: I am a perfectionist in the sense I feel like I have to have everything in perfect order to launch the shop. I need the confidence to just launch it and see where it goes!

5. Work on my anxiety
For those of you who do not know, I have some pretty bad anxiety. I am type A through and through. Often I will feel anxious in stressful situations (hello college), when driving in the dark, if a plan suddenly changes or when I begin to think about the future. Now do not be alarmed. This anxiety I promise is not as awful as I make it sound. I am often easygoing when plans change, but every once in a while something will trigger anxiety Alyssa. My goal is for the anxiety to be lessened. To not overwhelm myself and learn to take a couple deep breaths and persevere.

6. Kill School
Academics are not always my strong suit. Most days, I would rather blog or be doing something for my major then worrying about studying for a Chemistry test the next day. However, I want to strive for greatness in every single one of my classes. Honor God with hard work.

6. Take trips (and document them all!)
Now that I have a DSLR, I have no excuse but to document all of my adventures. I plan on having plenty of them.

Well there you have it folks. New Years Resolutions all documented for the world to see. Let us just see if I can carry them out into 2015.

Have a blessed New Year.

The Nectar Collective

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