The Artistic Mind

Another semester under my belt. Lets just say if feels good.

Today I finished up what is the end of my finals. If definitely was a crazy two weeks to end the semester but so undeniably worth it. I can finally say I finished up my Entrepreneurship minor which truly has wore me down the past two years. Now I can just focus on my Communications classes as well as my regained love of art classes. Plus lets not forget about my beautiful sorority sisters. Spring semester consists of pledge, new freshman, double the bonding and even more love to go around. Let us not forget about the endless Coffaro's Pizza runs that will also arrive to the doors of our hall next semester.

Gamma Sigma Phi Sorority Coffaros Pizza

Today my last final, aside from a presentation, was a Civilization and the Arts final. This class is a required class by the school that looks at the history of art and applies it to the Christian mind. These humanities classes are the things students grown about. Absolutely dreadful to take.

This class, even though the lectures itself were not my favorite, continued to open my heart once again to the world of art. As I studied my enormous stack of note cards into the wee morning hours, I found myself at such a sense of peace. The fact that God has given his creation the ability to create beautiful art astounds me. Just looking and listening to all of the art and music of the past five centuries, I fell into such a sense of awe. Gods incredible plan for these artists was to create beauty. 

I only hope and pray that is my plan. I want to create beauty, but a beauty that will honor God. 

Here is some Debussy to float your boat this week.

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