Christmas Reflection

I wish I did not wake up at 11:30am this morning. 

I have been making an initiative to reclaim my mornings. Get a cup of coffee, sit in the stillness and just be. 
Soak in the presence of the holy spirit around me

I look around my house, with the mess of presents everywhere and the glowing of the tree. The smell of dinner cooking and the subtle roar of my parents arguing over something unimportant.

This stillness is one of the most beautiful aspects of the Christmas season. Jesus came into this world to die for us. His joyful birth is something to celebrate. Cheer for. Dance for. Yet with all of this, Jesus's birth is something to reflect on. 

The holidays are hectic. Full of expectations, hurt, materialism and busyness
Allow time for stillness. To just sit, reflect and bask in the presence of the Lord's birth.

Take time to Be Still.

Have a Merry Christmas.

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