Favorite Friday: Layering

I am no fashion blog. I mean I adore fashion, do not get me wrong. However, Fashion is not the main priority of this blog. I am just not all about those OOTD posts and what not. 

However, I decided to launch a new feature to the blog - Favorite Friday!

 I not only love theme days for the blog, but I then get to tell you about some of my favorite trends at the time. Whether it is fashion, home decor, crafts or music, you get some trendiness to your day on Fridays! 
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My favorite thing now? Layering.

For those not above the Mason Dixon line, it is cold. I mean, I have not taken my L.L. Bean boots off in the past 10 days cold. So with cold comes, layers upon layers. However, you do not want to layer so much you are a bulky mess. 

My go to is utilizing staples in creative ways. I love using my button down shirts and throwing a crew neck or quarter zip on top. I also love down vests. When you layer underneath a bit, a down vest does provide some extra warmth. Plus they are a great way to add a different color to your outfit.

Another must? A great coat that you will be able to handle all your bulk underneath. I tend to lean towards longer wool coats (as pictured above) to be able to cover my longer sweaters I own. No one wants that corner of knee length cardigan peekaboo-ing under your cropped pea coat.

As for bottoms, I tend to lean towards skinny jeans that can easily be tucked into boots. However, I have done a lot of great layering with a maxi skirt. Definitely invest in a long black one if you do not already own one. 
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There are a ton of post-holiday sales out now! Grab some layers before that January freeze.

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