When Life Drives You Crazy

Well it has definitely been a while.

Seeing that my last post was an update on Nepal, the typical Alyssa business has set in with being back at school. It is crazy to see how I have been trying to cut out so many things in my life to be more free and functional, yet the pressures of day to day college life have dragged me down. Booo. 

However, in spite of all of the craziness, God has revealed his incredible faithfulness and the importance of placing my full trust in him. Truly, I would not have been able to get through the past couple months without his presence constantly there, even when I was not seeking it. 

Here is the classic life update that I so often revert to when I do not have time to actually post anything significant:

My August/September were characterized by my ability to go absolutely insane for a week as a part of my college's Orientation Board. This also included catching up with friends, my sorority sisters and getting back into the daily school grind.

September 5th was by birthday! The best present? Getting to go see the Avett Brothers for the third time with the boy. He is a champ and is the best at getting presents (even though he will avidly deny it).

School school school school homework exam school test school kill me. This stream of endless business and activities streams into today.

Also as social chair of my sorority, I had the privilege of planning so many wonderful events from our homecoming float, to fall party and our charity event Battle of the Bands. They were fantastic. Plus I love event planning. However, to say I am exhausted now from all of this planning is an understatement.

Also for Halloween Josh and I went as an old resort couple...so there is that.

I am working on some writing in the midst of internship searching and finally getting to the million things on my idealized to do list. Any creative writing, art or photography projects on your to do list? Let me know.

Keep it real. Expect to hear from me soon.

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