Road Trip Part 2

Moved back into college today. Crazy exciting to see everyone and all my beautiful friends and brothers/sisters in Christ. Classes start tomorrow which is crazy to think, but it will be awesome to get back to a routine.

However, I never finished up with the fabulous road trip I took to visit my best friend from high school! Partly because I was waiting for her to send me some pictures she took. Aurley is an avid photographer and is one of the many reasons I adore her.

So after riding up, I met up with Aurley and her roommate Claire and saw their room and got dinner at their student union. It was so great chatting, comparing colleges, catching up and picking up right where  we left off. We even watched Sweeney Todd and drank tea. Presh.

We woke up bright and early the next day, looked outside, and saw it was pouring rain and grey. Great. So in order to brighten this awful day, we went to Cracker Barrel and Tim Horton's (this was my first ever trip to Tim Ho's!). Then we went bowling (which we were the youngest there by AT LEAST 50 years). Fun fact: Aurley wants to join a bowling league.

 So we walk outside and, like magic, it is sunny and dry. Aurley and I then took a tour of Allegheny's beautiful campus. It is very rustic and colonial, which is awesome to see. Alas, it was then time for me to depart and drive home - but not without a stop at Starbucks first. This was my trip in a nutshell. If you want to know more about Aurley, you can visit her Twitter or Flickr.


  1. Love your style, girl!


  2. You are so cute! I love this whole look, especially that belted skirt!


  3. I am loving/obsessing over this look! You look fabulous.

    found the route

  4. So glad you were able to visit! Come again soon/Hope to see you tomorrow at the musical!

  5. love your blog, love your outfit!!! so cute!

    Xo. Nicole