Funday Sunday

I absolutely love Sundays. Hands down one of my favorite days of the week. They are always the perfect combination of busyness and relaxation. I see family and friends, yet I have a ton of time to myself to veg out and watch endless hours of TLC or Food Network.

This Sunday I met up with a friend from college who lives near me and we headed to her church in inner city Pittsburgh. Now this church is  a very charismatic, non-denominational and multi-racial church in comparison to my very traditional, Presbyterian and 99 percent Caucasian church. However despite the differences I never really felt like I fit into my church's worship style, so I was beyond excited to give this new church a try. My beautiful friend Dani even burned me a Lecrae CD (a non-cheesy and legitimately talented christian rapper - check him out). 

Well in short, church was awesome, inspiring and uplifting. I met a ton of Dani's awesome friends and praised God in the most vibrant way I think I have ever praised. Plus the sermon was great. Eye opening, practical, yet very much biblical. I just felt so welcome and loved by so many of the people there. All in all, quality morning. 

We then headed over to Pamela's Diner, a Pittsburgh icon that if you come to the city, you must visit. Seriously, I crave it when I am at college. The pancakes here are very much crepe like and are chock full of strawberries or blueberries and a delicious sugary syrup. Plus the diner itself is so cute and 50s sock hop-esque. 

To top off the already fantastic day, since we got to Pamela's around 2ish, we did not have to wait in the typical Sunday brunch line. You have no idea how much this made my day. My impatience did not have to even bother today.

Well that was my Sunday in a nutshell. A tad different then the usual, but it still followed the usual church/brunch routine. Do you have any Sunday routines? Or awesome churches or places you go for breakfast or brunch? 

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  1. What inspirational (and tasty!) day! Those crepes look mouthwatering. Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. I hope you call past again sometime!

  2. What fun! Those crepes look delish..it's making me hungry haha
    Usually I go to church on Saturdays, and every once in awhile we'll get up to go out for breakfast or brunch on Sundays.

    P.S. So happy you found my blog! And how cool to find another Comm major!

  3. great looking breakfast! i love crepes. and wonderful blog!!