Photoshoot and Exploring

Well what a beautiful few days its been since being home for break. Hardly any snow, a ton of sun, and a Dance Moms marathon (The premiere is tonight - SO EXCITED). In short, it has been an extremely quality break, but definitely long. I cannot wait to head back to school for my second semester of freshman year. It is hard to believe first semester is already over. Well here is a glimpse into one of my most recent days of break, aka a photo shoot in downtown Pittsburgh.

I got an awesome lunch with my high school friend Grace at a cute Chinese restaurant in Squirrel Hill (which as awesome Bubble tea). In honor of our Chinese/Bubble tea experience, the first picture featured is of course, a classic asian pose.

From there we strutted around Oakland and I showed her a ton of my favorite places around the Pitt campus. For a January day, Pittsburgh was seriously gorgeous. 

I cannot wait for more winter beak adventures, hopefully with some more college friends. Keep you updated! Have a fabulous rest of the week lovelies.

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