I am part of the obsession

Obsessions are not just a fad, but accepted culture in our lives. So many of my friends and peers are the most incredible Harry Potter fans or Twilight fans. However, for me its something different. There is this little thing called the Hunger Games. It is becoming a huge fad, but if you have not heard of it here is the link. Read all three of the books last summer in a span of three days. Oh yeah, I get it done.
I even became a part of the fan club and everything. Also I legitimately have had dreams where I was Katniss. Pathetic? Maybe. Acceptable? Probably not. Do I care? No.

Well that is all lovelies. I am off to drink some coffee and read the Hunger Games trilogy...again. I suggest you read it so we can discuss.  Like a book club...but no criticism. More like book praise.

The pictures are from the midnight premiere. Yes some of my sorority sisters did dress up. Be jealous.

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