A Bundle of Thoughts

Can we just talk about how fabulous Robert Downey Jr. is? Well he is. I had a beautiful night out and about with my Dad, fulfilling my Chipotle fix and watching Sherlock Holmes 2. Witty, hilarious and just an overall good time. Plus the fact I was filled up on Chipotle before made it so much better.

Ahh I am so excited. I finally received my Skinit laptop decal in the mail! My school gives us our computers and puts the most hideous decal on the front. So in my small stint of rebellion, I bought this fabulous and adorable vintage decal that I absolutely love. I cannot wait to head back to school to show it off. I love decals, especially one's for macs (this one is my favorite). Do you have any awesome decals for your computers or ipods?

Today I did some filming for the admissions department at my old high school.  This was the first time I have been back at school, and let me tell you it was so strange. But I had such a good time seeing old friends and teachers, as well as filming a huge group of middle school kids about why they love their school. Let me tell you, middle schoolers have such a sass factor - it is hilarious. I by no means miss my school, but it was nice seeing how it has both changed and stayed the same.

Fun fact: it finally snowed here for one of the first times all winter. It took till mid-January, but I finally got a winter wonderland. I am off to go be a little kid and frolic in it. 

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