Favorite Friday: Winter Boots

Hello everyone!

I am happy to say Pinch of Lyss is back up and running. I am so glad I took that time off from blogging for a bit to really recollect myself and my thoughts. Do not get me wrong, I am still persevering through a lot of confusing trials right now, but I am able to function and focus. Thank you everyone for your wonderful prayers! I appreciate all of you more than you know. Continue to pray for me for clarity, peace and most of all for God to reveal his plan. I am at a huge crossroads with many things in my life and need direction. Thankful for the little things.

Now that we got that tangent out of the way, can we just talk about how Pennsylvania has been abnormally cold? I am not used to this weather at all. Literally I ask myself everyday, "Why is my college not in California? Why?". So in my efforts to keep my weakness to the cold in check, I have been obsessed with winter footwear. Here are a few of my favorite finds for winter shoes!
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These boots are fabulous! Truly such a great alternative if you are not feeling like going with a classic L.L. Bean Boot. They provide warmth, are waterproof but also have a bunch of really great color and fabric combinations that can make any outfit pop.

I love L.L. Bean boots. They are classic, go well with everything and are extremely durable. I have had the same pair of shear ling lined Brown Leather boots since high school and they still remain fabulous and classic. 

Sorel Boots, like L.L. Bean, are great for durability. They can have both a hipster indie feel, or even tie along with a preppy outfit. I love that with their boots they have so much versatility. Plus that fur. All I want to do is sing "Apple Bottom Jeans" when I look at them.
5 6
 4. Ankle Lace-ups
These shoes are a mystery to me. I actually have this exact pair from G.H. Bass and I cannot find them online anywhere. However, these boots are one of my staples in my closet. I pair them with dresses and socks, skinny jeans and leggings. I love that they are a great transition boot from both fall to winter as well as winter to spring.

5. Suede Wedges
I cannot explain how badly I want a pair of these boots. They are so versatile, comfortable and the perfect heel for winter events. I love that they can easily transition from work to evening and that they look so fresh yet classic.

6. Motorcycle Boots
These boots also are a mystery as far as the link goes. However the style is incredible. They remind me of Timberlands, but without the thug life atmosphere.

Keep it real, keep it warm.

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