Favorite Friday: Hair Care

Best Hair Products
note: this post is not a paid sponsor post. all products are chosen by me.
It is Favorite Friday! This week I will be talking about one of my go to topics: Haircare.

More than makeup, more than clothes, I love hair care. My hair is truly the one thing I spend a lot of time on in the morning. I am all about researching and figuring out what the best products are. I will admit, I spend a lot of money on my hair. However, I spend it in the right places and save where I can.

Here are my 8 favorite hair care products!

This shampoo/conditioner combo is great. I use it every 2-3 days and it leaves my hair feeling clean and preserves my color extremely well. One thing many people do not realize about shampoo/conditioner is that it needs to be pH balanced in order for your color to be maintained. There is a whole list of ph balanced benefits as well. Definitely research the shampoo you use to make sure it is best for your hair!

This spray has 10 incredible benefits for your hair. I use it to prevent split ends and protect my hair from heat damage. Spray about 5-10 sprays when you get out of the shower.

I use a curling wand to give my hair some nice waves as well as more flexibility then a curling iron. In my opinion, the Remington 1 1/2 is the best low price wand out there right now.

Use a deep conditioner about once per week. I prefer to allow my hair to rest in it in a shower cap for 20 minutes. It does wonders for damage. I prefer Redken, but you know my love of Redken products.

My go to straightener. For some reason I cannot seem to blow dry my hair the right way, so I let my hair air dry and quickly run a straightener through the kinks. 

Now I know many of you are wondering, why did I put multivitamins under hair care? Well keeping yourself healthy is one of the best things you can do for your hair. Especially look for a multivitamin with a little bit of biotin. However do not buy biotin pills. Taking too much can do more harm then good.

7. Wide tooth comb

Never, and I mean never brush your hair right when you get out of the shower. A brush will pull and snag your hair and cause breakage. Use a wide tooth comb to de-tangle wet hair.

I love this leave in conditioner. It is somewhat like oil and great to add to rough ends. I love to run this in my hair when it is wet as well as after straightening to restore some shine.

What are your favorite hair products? Any tips for great hair care?


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