Weekly Wishes #2

It is Monday, I am up before 11, in class and in desperate need of Coffee.
Guess it is time for this weeks Weekly Wishes!

1. Get an A in intersession

I am currently back on my college campus for a program called intersession. With this, I am taking a 3 credit class in two weeks before the rest of campus comes back for the regular semester of classes. My class is Finite Math. Not necessarily hard, however not my favorite subject by far. I wish I could tell you all my motivation to succeed in my grades is high. Well it is not. However, 2014 is the year to change that.

2. Make blogging friends

In my constant quest to become a better blogger, I have been seeking friends. One of my favorite things about blogging is the community that comes from it. I want to not seek mere page comments, but develop real relationships with my readers as well as blogs I frequent.

3. Get all of my sorority projects completed

With the start of the semester comes the wonderful joy of taking new girls. New members to not just my sorority, but every sorority on campus, brings a new sense of joy and fun to the semester. I am so excited to see these new girls form friendships that will last a lifetime and contribute to something bigger then themselves. However, with new girls comes more posters/gifts/crafts than I can count. I need to just buckle down and get them done.

4. Apply to Internships

My goal for the summer is to get an internship. With being a Communications major, internships are crucial to success in finding a job. I want to put gaining an internship at the top of my priority list!

What are your weekly wishes for the week? Join the link up!

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