Etsy Shop Launch

Normally I do not post on Sundays (sticking with that sabbath rule even in the blogging world), but this announcement is an exception. Guess I can check one thing off the New Years Resolution List.

I am proud to say that the Pinch of Lyss Etsy shop is open!

Pinch of Lyss Etsy Shop

In my shop I am specializing in hand poured scented soy wax candles, hand knitted products, as well as hand thrown stoneware and porcelain pottery. I decided to open by selling some of my teacup candles and will be working to add products within the next few months. 

I am not one to boast, but I am truly so proud of myself. Proud that I did not allow my perfectionist/type A personality get in the way of starting this shop. I am proud to be starting off small and slowly growing. 

It is ok to be proud.

Get excited for more products to come your way!


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