DIY Dry Erase Board/Calender 2.0

As I continue to embark on my effort to not break my budget with Christmas presents, I am finding more and more creative ways to give people cute organization tools that are so useful! A few months ago you saw me create my DIY Calender using paint chips to create an easy dry erase board to organize dates and my monthly schedule. I am participating in a secret Santa exchange and in addition one of my best friends is transferring after this semester. Both of them are very much type A personalities who LOVE organization and creativity, so whats not better than revamping my previous calender?

Things you need: 
  • Scrap booking paper
  • Frame (I bought mine from salvo and spray painted them!)
  • Card stock or paper to use as background of the calender itself
  • Screwdriver or flat tool to help you pry open the calender

For my DIY Calender 2.0: I wanted to make more of a weekly calender but with the addition of a space for a to do list/notes of important activities! You are free to cut the scrap booking paper to however you see fit and however you want to style your calender. Make sure to not forgot to write labels for each space though!

For the DIY Dry Erase Board: This project is honestly even simpler than the calender because you can just use one large sheet of paper! However be weary - depending on the dimensions of your calender you may run into the problem of your whole sheet being unable to fit. Simple solution - mix papers! Cut different shapes to position the paper in a slight collage way to not just fill up space but section off your white board.

With the holiday season here, do not let your budget ruin you from creating fantastic gifts for your family and friends!

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  1. I am literally obsessed with these. They are a million times cuter than the plain dry-erase boards at Target or Walmart, super cheap to make, and so easy to personalize! Keep up the awesome crafting :)