DIY Marble Mason Jar

With Christmas fast approaching and minimal college student budget, my brain has been flowing with different ideas for presents that do not break the budget. In my sorority we have a secret santa "sis" activity where we get one of our sisters and give her 5 small gifts for 5 days and 1 big gift the sixth day. I wanted to give things that were cute, artsy yet useful! This mason jar craft can be perfect for storing  hairbands in your bathroom, pens on your desk or just having on display in your dorm. 

The post I found my inspiration was this post on gluing marbles to a soup can. Its a bit different, and with the soup can its a different feel but I really wanted to keep inside the jar clean and use this beautiful pack of flat marbles I got on black Friday! 

Things you need:
  • Mason Jar
  • Marbles (the flat stone kind)
  • Hot Glue Gun

First make sure you clean your jar. Nobody wants a gross looking jar! Next start from the bottom of the jar and glue a line of marbles. You may not be able to squeeze a perfect line in every time but do not sweat it. As long as the jar looks filled, no one will notice one marble not in line with the bottom row. After you finish gluing all the way to right before the rim of the jar, go through and make sure you have no hot glue strings and you are done! Now you have a beautiful new jar to gift or display in the home.

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