DIY Calender

So with the first week of the semester now under my belt and my initiative to get organized higher than ever, I have been inspired to organize all aspects of my life. Some use outlook, some have planners, but I love the idea of a calender just in my room in plain sight so I never forget those important dates I need to remember. With that being said, I found this dry erase calender idea and gave it a go with a couple of my own personal twists.

What you need:

  • Frame (I bought one from Salvation Army and spray painted it with a glossy white paint)
  • Paint samples
  • piece of paper/card stock to fit the frame
  • hole-punch if desired

So instead of drawing the calender onto the surface, I took some inspiration from this calender DIY and used paint samples as the "days". After snipping off the paint name labels, it is basically trial and error with how you space them. I ended up overlapping them slightly just to make sure I have all straight lines. A lot of my paint samples were a little longer, so I went for long and narrow so I could have my calender vertical.

After laying out the samples and gluing them to the card stock, I punched out 9 circles with a circle punch to create the space where the month would go. Fun fact: September is the longest month name with 9 letters. With this step, feel free to use your creativity! Cut squares, make a single strip, etc. I just so happened to own a circle punch (about $8-$10 dollars at a craft store) and put it to good use.

Once you are done, just clean the glass well with Windex and put your finished product in! I ended up putting the calender on my closet door so I will always look at it in the morning. Let me know what you think about the calender! Also what are your great dry erase ideas that you would want me to try?

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  1. I love this craft, especially because you can choose colors that match your dorm room. I wish I had known about it before school started, all the calendars in stores are so plain and boring. Much cuter than Office Maxx!