Krochet Kids Photoshoot

Spontaneous photo shoots and gear that helps empower women? What more could you ask for.

The other day the weather was beautiful here in Grove City, leading to essentially all of campus skipping class to be outside. I was talking to my freshman friend about Krochet Kids International and found a bunch of my sorority sisters heading to a local coffee shop. One thing led to another and here we are with an impromptu photo shoot. 

Krochet Kids International sells bags, crocheted products and clothing all made by women in Northern Uganda and Peru. They provide a job, but also empower them. By providing educational as well as mentoring, these women are able to go and encourage economic growth as well as live more fruitful lives. They are able to provide for their families and bring food to the dinner table. The impact of Krochet Kids in these communities truly is incredible.

Another aspect of Krochet Kids I am impressed with is their mission model. Their mission is so heavily rooted in helping people, but not reaching out to simply "help poor people". Their final statement in their mission is that "we believe actions rooted in love bring lasting and powerful change. Our model for love is that of Jesus". A company rooted in love is something we should all strive for in our workplaces. Frankly, our lives.

Some of the products you see on myself and Ashley are the LOVE Africa Tee, A knit headband (similar 1, 2) and a classic hoodie sweatshirt (similar 1, 2).

Check it out, change a life.

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