Favorite Friday: The 5207.5

What is more frustrating than a bad hair day?

Nothing. I promise you nothing.

Especially here in Pittsburgh, the rainy days of spring bring on a huge, frizzy mess of hair. I constantly struggle trying to make my hair look beautiful and straight and shiny, then it fails.

My go to fix? A beanie.

I have never been a huge hat person. Honestly in high school I would always make fun of this one kid who wore a newsboy cap to class. But really, who even wears newsboy caps anymore? Anyhow, I find such beauty in a classic beanie. It is simple, versatile and depending on the style can add a pop of color to any outfit. You can look like a scene kid or rock your J.Crew necklace and oxfords. The possibilities are endless.

My favorite beanie to look to? Krochet Kids International’s 5207.5 beanie. This classic style is the perfect amount of slouch and fit, giving you that hipster vibe you have always wanted. Plus the hat is actually named after a beach house in case you have wanderlust for the west coast.

The best part of all? Your purchase of this and other products from Krochet Kids helps to empower women in Uganda by giving her work, thus giving her a way to provide for her family as well as personal and economic growth.

What is better than fixing your bad hair day, channeling your inner hipster and helping empower Ugandan women? Nothing.

Check out the 5207.5 here as well as www.krochetkids.org for more information.

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