That time I went to Nepal

Long time no post right? Story of my life. I have no excuse for the semester. I guess just busy with life, trying to keep investing in friends, people, my undeniably complicated schedule, oh yeah. I also was preparing to leave for weeks to travel to Nepal for missions work.

I cannot begin to explain how impactful and incredible this summer was. Truly a transformative time where I realized more than I can ever describe. Here is a small summary:
  • God is so good and so much bigger than we understand
  • Missions is hard. I do not care who tells you otherwise, but sharing the word of God and figuring out how God wants you to minister wherever he has called you is hard. Yet it is so worth it.
  • Nepali fashion is incredible. Why do we not wear baggy pants/tunics everyday in America
  • My passion for human trafficking has been made so clear. It has always been there, but I have found such a reignited passion for this cause.
  • I love America, but I kind of hate America. I am so over our materialistic, burdened culture
  • Tea is almost as good as coffee. Almost.

This is only a small summary of everything I have been able to realize in the few short weeks I have been back. I cannot describe how much I miss my incredible team and the beautiful people of Nepal.

Below are a few links pertaining more to my trip if you want to check them out. If not, I guess that is ok too. Also question of the day: tell me about your experiences with eye opening trips or missions experiences. Aaaaaand go. 

New Wilmington Missions Conference - group I traveled through/best week of summer
Summer Service blog - the blog I worked on with my team 

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