Chemistry Overload

Chemistry final tomorrow the the semester begins. Oh man I cannot even handle it. I cannot even explain how excited I am to be done with this class. Through my school I took this class as a two week "intersession" class where we have 4 hour classes (and 2 hour labs) where you get pounded with information and simply hash it out on a midterm and final. To put it plainly, it has been quite the marathon. However the fact I am done with the class tomorrow brings me so much joy. Being on campus with so little people has actually been kind of incredible. It is awesome just being able to hang out in a more relaxed environment, develop so many new friendships and get close to a small group of people that are here. The term "blessings in disguise" accurately sums it up.

I cannot even believe second semester starts Monday. The way time passes and life changes astounds me.

Things I am looking forward to in the this semester:

  • ICO Arizona trip (round 2!)
  • 2 Comm classes - one of them being all about visual design!
  • Sculpture - be prepared for a picture of a bust on the blog in May
  • Pledge and the new additions to the Sorority
  • Seeing how God continually works in my life and shapes me
  • NEPAL (for those of you confused, I am posting on this soon)
  • Being Program Director for the radio station and really building the program up
  • Figuring out more of what exactly I want to do with my life
  • All of the photos that will be taken this semester
I am off to cram 2 weeks of Chemistry content for a two hour exam. Here we go...

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