DIY: Chevron Art

Lately I have become very inspired by stripes. I am taking an elements of design course and all of my projects have related to some form of lines or stripes. This has definitely been an awesome way for me to look at art and my DIY projects! Some of my favorite striped projects I have seen on the Pinterest sphere are chevron stripes. Streamlined and classy, yet they are still so fun and you can be so creative with them! These two (pin 1 and pin 2) are my inspiration for the project.

What you need:
  • Canvas
  • Painters tape
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Assorted paint - this is completely up to you. I chose spray paint but you can use whatever paint your heart desires

You first need to tape off the canvas with your desired chevron stripe length. I used a ruler for the first two rows in order to get an accurate estimate of spacing and and just make sure I had enough points on the canvas to make the chevron pattern look even. However, with that being said I was pretty relaxed with it because I was by no means aiming for perfection. 

Also side note, the taping does take a while and is hard to get used to. I at many times had to redo pieces, cut small strips to fill awkward gaps and stand up to get a better view of the painting. Pretty tedious work, but worth it. 

Once you have your entire canvas taped, you are free to begin to paint. I chose using two different spray paints to add to a more "messy chevron" look I was achieving. I painted every other stripe with the orange, then the blue, waited about 3 minutes and added a second coat. Wait approximately 2 hours until your painting is dry and take off and you have a beautiful new piece of art for your room.

The great thing about this artwork is you have a lot of room for creativity. I contemplated painting a bible verse on, cutting out a silhouette (like the giraffe pin) or painting a monogram on, but I actually really like the simplicity of the piece. What ideas would you use to spice up the chevron? Also if you have ever tried it or want to, let me know!

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