DIY Button Art

When you think of childhood what do you think of? Cotton Candy, Streamers, bike riding or swing sets? Well, I automatically think of buttons. While a random choice, my mind always immediately thinks of the pencil shaped buttons I had on my Kindergarten jacket or the apple buttons on my teacher's cardigan. So when I stumbled upon this pin about button monogram art, I just had to try it.

This is definitely an easy way to make some art for your dorm, bedroom etc. All you need is:
  • Canvas
  • Hot glue gun
  • Assorted buttons (I found mine at Hobby Lobby)
  • Letter stencil (I own a cardboard A that I am saving for another project, so I used that as my stencil

All you have to do trace and start glueing. Simple right! When I glued, I really made sure to get a couple layers of buttons in order for there to be more depth and so you the canvas under the A tracing would not be visible.

Glue your favorite colors, shapes and forms! I really tried to make sure I used some plainer looking buttons for the bottom layer and then strategically placed some larger and more embellished buttons on top. 

Send pictures of your own button art creation! Are you using the monogram format like I am or are you feeling extra creative and made your own art piece?


  1. what a cool craft... there definitely is something about buttons that hearkens back to childhood... nifty!

  2. Ya know, I have a morbid fear of buttons but THIS IS CUTE.

  3. This is really cute! And looks doable for someone who is not crafty at all, like myself.