Tin Can DIY

So my latest discovery while stumbling pinterest has been how useful cans are. They are easy to reuse, multi-functional and can create a lot of cute and fun crafts. I have been in desperate need of a run to Hobby Lobby, so this was a perfect way to give me my craft fix.

I did not use a specific tutorial, because it is pretty self-explanatory. Just modge podge some fabric onto a tin. Bam. Your done.

Now one thing some tutorials did is modge podged both the underside and overtop of the fabric, while others did not even use modge podge and used a fabric adhesive spray. As you can see with the silky purple fabric, the tin came out a bit bumpy and not exactly how I imagined it, which was a little disappointing since I love that fabric. Off to the recycling bin.

The other fabric (a stretchy cotton) came out great, except you can see the glue line a bit in the back and I really do not want to modge podge overtop of the fabric to preserve the softness.
I am also contemplating tying a couple strings of hemp chord or burlap around to give it some extra flair.

Now time to find some of my sharpies to put in these cute cans. My rating of the craft is that it’s a great easy fix, but not something I am eager to do again since it comes out less than ideal. I may try using just scrapbooking paper next time if I do! I will let ya’ll know.

As for today, I am off to my job and to hopefully get a couple more crafts done before I head back to college! Plus a Chipotle fix. That is a necessity.

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