New Direction

Hey ya'll! The hiatus I recently posted about basically continued throughout summer. Frankly, I was frustrated with the whole blogging sphere. There are just so many directions I can take and so many things I can do, I was just beyond overwhelmed with what I actually wanted for my blog. So with that, and a definite lack of time, I dropped the whole idea of blogging.

However, after a recent chat with my sorority big (who just did some incredible mission work in the Balkans! Check it out here) and talk of all the crafts I have been making from pinterest, so inspired me. Make a blog on reviews of crafts!

So I am taking my love of crafting and now incorporating it into my love of writing. We all see so many awesome crafts from pinterest, but either a)don't have the initiative to try them or b)try them and they do not turn out as well as we would have liked. I want to tell you all my favorite crafts, the trials and errors and mistakes I make in order to just help you all out!

Don't worry, I will still be posting random posts on my life, food, travels, etc. But I am really feeling the whole pinterest review idea. So get ready ya'll!

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