Rejoining the Blogging World

Long story short: I am Alyssa, a college student/communications major who has a passion for art, photography, writing, social media, craftiness, social justice, non-profits and anything appealing to the eye. If your a friend, relative or even someone who just so happened to stumble upon the blog, you may be asking, “why a blog?”. Well as stated earlier, I have a passion for social media and communications. Plus I am opinionated and want my voice to be heard. I have various forms of social media (tumlbr, twitter, etc), yet I want a substantial blog that is not just a storage unit of photos and quotes, but of substantial writings. I want this blog to be reviews, thoughts and insights into life, faith, music and ultimately anything else that is appealing and interesting.

This is the extremely shortened and condensed version of why I am creating a blog. Hope you enjoy.

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