Mat Kearney Concert

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of driving into Pittsburgh with some of my closest friends and seeing the one and only Mat Kearney in concert. The venue, the Rex Theater on the Southside, which for those of you who do not know Pittsburgh, is a reason in itself to go. I have always had a certain angst towards Pittsburgh, but every time I visit the Southside I remember why I truly love this city. So after a disorganized dinner and adventure to find a parking spot, the group and I entered the Rex, a hip venue complete with scaffolding and torn posters.

This was one of my first times in the Rex, and overall it is a great venue. High ceilings, small stage, strategic bar position and visibility from just about everywhere inside. On came the opener…lets just say I do not really remember much of the performance, nor do I want to remember. Imagine an middle aged man, who looks old enough to be your father and with a beer belly to match, singing his heart out while awkwardly dancing. Truly an image I will never forget.

However, the concert picked up once Mat Kearney took the stage. His music provides a soulful, slightly jazzy sound that led to a lively and passionate crowd. If you have never heard his music, check it out. Apart from the soulful sound, the lyrics are so meaningful and passionate on all of his albums, but specifically his latest release (August 2nd, 2011) “Young Love“. Just read these lyrics from the song “Closer to Love” and let your mind be blown:
"Oh it's your light/Oh it's your way/Pull me out of the dark/Just to show me the way/Cryin out   now/From so far away/You pull me closer to love Closer to love"
Now what is the top reason why I consider Kearney such a talented artist? His live performance sounded better than his recording, which is the one way I distinguish true artists from artists who rely on special effects (hello Ke$ha). Kearney moved around the stage, interacted with his audience, changed up instruments, and even fumbled (and recovered) in his lyrics with poise and, dare I say it, swag. After his main set, his encore consisted of one of my favorite songs on his album, “Hey Mama”. This song captured a place in my heart the moment I saw the music video, which you can see from the link here.

After the concert and some chat time with fellow college students, several of us ventured to Kearney’s tour bus to have a bit of meet and greet time. Overall, mission accomplished. He is such a nice and sincere guy who spends a lot of time talking to his fans and just getting to know them, which is awesome. The same goes for his band members, who we saw and chatted with while getting some great pizza at midnight.

Great night, worth the money I spent on tickets and an experience I will never forget. If I have not convinced you to listen and appreciate Mat Kearney, I do not know who will.

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