Christmas Time is Here

Finally home for break. What have I been doing? Watching ungodly ammounts of Grey's Anatomy (Seasons 1-5 in case you wanted to know) and eating. So much eating. You do not even understand the fabulous amount of cookies and cakes we have. Oh and caramel popcorn. Basically Christmas time desserts are unbeatable.

Now my college loves Christmas. Meaning it has an absurd obsession with Christmas. I mean I am more than ok with it. I love Christmas more than words can explain. Yet even though my school does a fabulous job of creating a Christmas spirit and putting a tree up in every possible nook and cranny, nothing beats a home decorated for Christmas.

Here are some favorites of my holiday season:

  • Bing Crosby and Nat King Cole
  • Keeping the tree up until February
  • All the vintage ornaments and remembering why they are special
  • Elf and A Christmas Story. All day.
  • Baking for 14 hours straight and loving every second of it
  • Still running downstairs to open presents on Christmas morning
  • Food. Lots and lots of food.
  • Christmas Eve candlelight service and singing Silent Night
  • Getting together with old friends and new
  • After Christmas sales
What are some of your holiday favorites? 

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