DIY Watermark T-Shirt

During my fall break I had the blessing to take a road trip to Indianapolis and Cincinnati with my roommate and a few of our close friends we never usually get to see when we were at school. It was an incredibly  relaxing yet busy fall break that was such an awesome time for friendship, fellowship and taking  a much needed break from the craziness of Grove City. 

One of the coolest blessings of the entire trip actually was meeting my friend's sister as well as roommate whose apartment was decked out with pinterest crafts. To say the least, I was in crafting heaven. After being inspired by all the crafts in the apartment, we collectively decided to make a night of crafting, chocolate covered pretzels and plenty of romantic comedy movies. 

One of the roommates was talking about her latest project, dyed batik T-Shirts. After seeing the tutorial here we could not even resist trying this project. After making a forever 21 run to get some cheap v-necks and looking up some bible verses, this pinterest project was a go.

  • Cotton T-Shirt
  • Elmer's Glue
  • Plastic bag (for inside the shirt)
  • T-Shirt Dye (we chose a light pink)

You first need to wet your shirt completely with cool water. Next take your shirt, put the bag in between and draw whatever your heart desires.

You then need to allow the shirt and glue to dry completely. Warning, it will take a while. We actually had to blow dry them the next day in order to try to try them.

Finally dye following the box instructions, wash and enjoy! Below is our finished projects!


  1. THIS IS AMAZING. You're doing this with me. I'm obsessed.

  2. good work, dying the shirts pink definitely adds to it